There was a man called John… a second time.

I have written about this before, but here is a reminder.

In 2014 I visited Most Holy Redeemer Catholic church in San Francisco, and ordered a tile for their Commemorative Wall. It says :

John LoCoco and everyone I met here i San Francisco who died of AIDS.

We met in 1987 just a day before he was going to meet Pope John Paul II.  As a person with HIV he had been chosen to meet the Pope, and here they are!

John told me what he had said to the Pope:

He had asked him to be more Christ like.

I will write about John now.

Författare: Pia-Kristina Garde

Born 1951, in Stockholm. Actress, author and libraryassistent. Retired from all, but Writing. In 1977 I published two books, one of them was a lay persons book on dying patients at a hospital in Stockholm, and at S:t Christopher´s Hospice, outside London. I have since then written one book about survivors from the concentration camps that came to Sweden in 1945, and several books about a Swedish author, Karin Boye (1900-1941).