Charles and the young scientist…

I have written about Charles before, and here is what I wrote on Facebook, on the AIDS Memorial Page on December 10th, 2022.

Dear Friends!
Remember Charles, and Svante Pääbo?
Charles had AIDS, and I lost contact  with him when I returned to Sweden.
I had met Svante Pääbo in Oakland, where they both lived, and I asked him for help. And yes, he got in touch with Charles.
They became friends, and Svante eventually informed me that Charles had died.
He also became friends with Charles’s mother, and I have yet to inform him that she passed away in COVID some years ago.
here is the young scientist, many years later!
Svante Pääbo has just received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. December 10,  2022.
Here are some pictures from the event, when he receives the prize from our King, Carl XVI Gustaf, and applause from the audience, and his fellow Nobel Prize laureates.

Författare: Pia-Kristina Garde

Born 1951, in Stockholm. Actress, author and libraryassistent. Retired from all, but Writing. In 1977 I published two books, one of them was a lay persons book on dying patients at a hospital in Stockholm, and at S:t Christopher´s Hospice, outside London. I have since then written one book about survivors from the concentration camps that came to Sweden in 1945, and several books about a Swedish author, Karin Boye (1900-1941).