There are few who talk about them…

As a writer, and a lay person I have interviewed and followed a number of people with HIV/AIDS, both in Sweden and in San Francisco.

I have also followed some partners, family members, volunteers and staff at San Francisco General Hospital, and Kaiser Hospital, and in places like Shanti, Coming Home Hospice and Names Project and at the AIDS Project of the East Bay. 

This work started at a graveyard in Stockholm, in 1986, and I write about how it happened in : About. 

In 2018 I published a book in Sweden called  There are few who talk about them. It is a diary from 1985 until 2018, where I present notes and interviews with people with HIV/AIDS, and family members, partners, and also people working with AIDS, nurses, a priest who lost her son to AIDS, and an undertaker.  

I have realised that people do not talk about people that have died of AIDS.  Had they died in a car or a plane crash it would have been different. The undertaker I mention above told me about the struggle he had with parents when it came to obituaries; it could be about the cause of Death, and the partners name, and even the partners presence at the funeral. 

Hence the title: There are few who talk about them.